Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club

AVL Installation’s received a call from the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club when they were looking to build a new concert den for their formals, mixers, and concerts. The first quote they received was from a DJ who recommended putting 4 speakers in each of the corners of the room. During our free estimate and site visit, we shared with them our feelings that a great sounding audio system is much more complex than that.

Custom Audio Solutions

Zulu wanted a great sounding system that would last for years. With our expertise and design, we suggested they give us the opportunity to install a system they would be happy with at a price they could afford. We installed four JBL STX 835’s, amplifiers, mixing board, and a custom snake for bands to use when they played. Once the 4 speakers were installed, we designed an area for Zulu to include subwoofers based on their needs for a particular show. Our system gave the Zulu organization a multi-purpose facility that could last for years to come.