Wyndham LaBelle Vacation Rentals

The Wyndham Labelle was looking to replace their video surveillance cameras and gave AVL Installations a chance to submit a proposal. The Wyndham had security cameras setup on their properties, but was re-evaluating the effectiveness of their current system. After our site visit, the Wyndham asked us to install our video surveillance cameras at two of their vacation rental properties and one hotel.

Surveillance camera upgrade

Their original cameras were in standard definition, and once we upgraded them to HD they were amazed at the quality and clarity of the video. In fact, the head of their corporate security came for a visit. Once he saw our work, he made it mandatory for all Wyndham properties to install HD cameras.

Custom audio solutions for commercial properties

Once their cameras were installed, they asked us to take a look at their audio system as well. Their current Muzak system was not always working properly, and simple jobs would take weeks to repair and fix. They were tired of the lack of customer service received. We replaced all the audio at their properties including the lobby, gym, pool, and driveway. We also upgraded their audio to a cloud stream service which cut their monthly bill in half! The Wyndham Labelle has been a great client for us, and we are looking to install and upgrade their lighting in 2017.

“The cameras we had before could barely make out a car model in our driveway. With AVL Installations cameras we can now zoom in and clearly see license plate numbers helping us keep better track of who is coming in and out of our building.” – Head of Maintenance the Wyndham Labelle