The Beach & Swamp on Bourbon

“The Beach” and “Swamp on Bourbon” had a different company install their original lighting, however it was installed very poorly. Cable wires hung everywhere, lights would not always work, and did not communicate properly with each other. The trussing was hung inaccurately. The chains and wires stood out because they were silver and the ceiling was painted black.  After our free estimate and initial site visit, we stripped the entire property down in one day. We took down their trussing, all their lighting fixtures, removed every single cable, and put everything into a big pile.

Commercial Lighting Solutions 

“The Beach” and “Swamp on Bourbon” gave us a maximum budget that they could not exceed. We tested and checked every single cable and light fixture, separating the ones that could be salvaged from the ones that had to be discarded. After we collected all the cables and light fixtures that were still in good working order, we added our light fixtures and cables and reinstalled everything. We re-hung the trusses properly, and painted everything to match the ceiling so it blended in and was barely visible from the ground. By using a mix of our equipment, and their original equipment, we were able to finish the job on time and within their budget.