New Home Church

New Home Church originally called AVL to change out the controller for their video system. As we were working with New Home, we noticed that their audio system was not properly installed. We gave New Home an estimate for a new audio system and used our E.A.S.E. software to give them a complete redesign.

Audio System Using our E.A.S.E. Software

The E.A.S.E. system allowed us to measure how many speakers they would need, and where the speakers should be placed for optimal sound quality. This project also included building and designing a completely new sound booth. With a clean slate, we replaced the tile, carpet, layout, and colors making it three times larger. We also moved it to a more centrally located place.

Financing Options

At the time, New Home wanted a new system, but had not budgeted for the replacement. We understand that sometimes there are unforeseen costs that can arise when in business. We worked with New Home offering a finance option that allowed us to give them exactly what they wanted, even though they were not in the market for a new system at the time. Now their congregation has a fantastic audio and video system they can be proud of and all with a little help from AVL.