Lake Vista Neighborhood Association

The Lake View Crime Prevention District requested bids from surveillance companies to install security cameras in the Lake Vista Neighborhood due to some recent petty theft crime in the neighborhood. At a Lake Vista town hall, AVL Installations made a presentation and was bidding against 3 other companies for the job. During the presentation, there were some clear distinctions between the other companies and AVL. The other companies cameras were cloud based systems that would require internet or WIFI to be constantly running in order to record, and their SD cards could only record up to 24 hours at a time.

Custom Video Surveillance Solutions

While AVL can offer cloud recording, we feel that under certain conditions like during a low signal or loss in internet connection the cameras would not record properly; therefore, leaving the neighborhood vulnerable and unprotected. Our camera system included a DVR system that would record 24/7 without any internet connection required, and can hold recordings up to 180 days. On top of the five year warranty that no competitor could match, it was an easy decision for Lake Vista to choose AVL for their video surveillance. We installed 6 DVRS on light poles in the neighborhood, and 13 cameras covering every entry and exit point of the neighborhood with license-plate-seeking cameras that provide HD photos of every license plate that comes into Lake Vista.

Home Surveillance System for Neighborhood Residents

Our security system for this project was paid for using government funds to install the cameras. Additionally, for every Neighborhood Association we install security cameras, we offer a 10% discount to residents who would like surveillance cameras installed in their homes. While installing in the neighborhood the first day, we were asked to provide three Lake Vista residents with cameras in their homes. The residents came together and decided that fighting crime was up to the community and not just the police.