Fellowship Church

Located in New Orleans, Fellowship Church was in the planning stages of building a completely new building for their congregation. While the architect designed a beautiful building, it was oddly shaped with a triangular layout and huge concrete balcony. This provided many complications for a quality audio system that would sound great in every part of the room. The original design included lots of speakers scattered throughout the room, and made Fellowship Church nervous about the cost and quality. AVL Installations was called in to consult on the audio design during the building phase.

Commercial Audio Design using our E.A.S.E. Software

Using our E.A.S.E. acoustic software, we redesigned their audio system, which would utilize fewer speakers. We installed JVL speakers that could reach above and below the balcony, and provided fantastic sound quality saving Fellowship Church a great expense.

Video and Projector Installation in New Orleans

  • Audio
  • Video

While helping design the audio, we decided to take a look at their video and projectors, as well. The original design called for two 80 inch screens and projectors that stood out too much, as they hung from the ceiling. Once again, we offered a redesign that would hide the projectors in the walls of the room and allow the Church to expand from two 80 inch screens to two 200 inch screens! We had never worked with their subcontractor before, but were able to help him build and install the projectors in the walls. Not only was Fellowship Church ecstatic about the great audio video we designed and installed, but Trimark Construction, their subcontractor, now uses us for all of his audio and video work with other clients.